This is how I spent my Sunday: hunting for sea glass on Peak's Island, which is just a short ferry ride from downtown Portland. I had never been to this quaint, little island before. My friend Candie tried to get me to go with her during the summer, but I was always too busy. Today, she reminded me that there weren't going to be many more beautiful days before Maine's harsh winter arrived. So, I put all my chores and errands aside, and took a ferry ride to the "Coney Island of Maine."

My day on Peak's Island included lunch, shopping, the beach… everything a girl could possibly want to do in one afternoon. And as you can see, I found plenty of sea glass… with Candie's help. She showed me which pieces to keep and which ones to throw back into the sand. I learned to look for the "milky" glass, not the clear and sharp pieces. I don't know what I'm going to do with all of my sea glass, though. My friend told me to put it in a nice vase. What do you suggest?

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