In a sense, it should probably be considered a win that some celebrity comes from away and settles in somewhere that ISN'T Boston or a surrounding suburb. Think about it for a second -- more often than not, when celebrities come to shoot movies in New England, they generally stay in some massive palace somewhere with a 617 area code, right?

So, maybe it should be considered a win that of all the places New England Patriots star Chase Winovich, he chose New Hampshire. Right on the coast in Portsmouth. Close enough to Maine, but still not IN Maine.

Chase Winovich lives in New Hampshire

Earlier this year in mid-January, on what must have been a random visit to New Hampshire, Chase didn't just like New Hampshire. He didn't just love New Hampshire. He actually became a bit New Hampshire-obsessed (rightfully so -- the upper east coast is made up of the best states, period.)

And it moreso became an obsession with Portsmouth, in particular.

And he did. For the last few months, Chase has been living right off the beach in Portsmouth. Which is beautiful, but man -- WHAT ABOUT MAINE?

Did Chase Winovich ever think about living in Maine?

To his credit, Chase DID ask the Twitterverse their thoughts about Maine.

But it's like he didn't even give Maine a chance, because he was already set on New Hampshire living.

And our neighbors to the south are great -- no hate at all. But think about it -- when people think about lobster and where to get the best, where's the first place they think of? MAINE. When people think of delicious, plump, sweet blueberries to toss in pancakes or ice cream or a tart or anything blueberries belong in, where do they first thing for the best ones? MAINE.

We have killer beaches all along the coast. We have the most beautiful lighthouses and just scenic views in general period. WE HAVE A FLIPPIN' NATIONAL PARK here in Acadia National Park. Funtown Splashtown USA -- do I really need to go on and on?

Chase -- RESPECT for not doing the typical thing and staying in some nose-turned-up Boston suburb mansion -- which we'd actually get because it's a quicker drive if you wanted to off-season train closer to Gillette. RESPECT for staying in a place that's very similar to us Mainers.

But Chase -- if you do this same thing a year from now and decide to stay in Northern New England for your offseason training (and we hope you do, we love having you in the area, truly) -- GIVE MAINE A TRY. There's no way you'll love it any less than New Hampshire, but a solid chance you'll love it just the same or maybe even more.

That said. GO CRUSH IT THESE SEASON, CHASE! Because whether or not you stayed in New Hampshire or Maine, you were in Northern New England and you're officially one of us now. GO GET 'EM! BOOM!

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