Oh oh...you finally got the f word on a license plate and now Maine might take it back.


According to News Center Maine, lawmakers in Augusta are looking at three bills that would let Maine take back vanity plates or refuse to issue new ones that well, are unacceptable. We can't even really give you examples, because those words are banned by the FCC - but here's an example of a plate that might not pass the muster.



The three bills would a) create standards to approve vanity plates, b) let the Secretary of State refuse to issue or recall a plate with vulgar, obscene, contemptuous or profane language and c) authorize the Secretary of State to reject certain vanity plate requests.

Vanity plates, and all license plates are state owned property, so why did Maine let you go basically nuts with whatever you wanted? Well, plates go under Maine's motor vehicle law, which changed in 2015. It only let the Secretary of State reject messages that suggest an association with a public institution, are duplicative, or 'encourage violence or may result in an act of violence or other unlawful activity.'  That basicaly opened the door for pretty much anything else. Right now, the number one complaint heading into the Secretary of State is about vanity plates.

It's like car roulette when the kids are in the car. You never know what you might see. The Secretary of State said that it's gone way beyond what their intent was....so they want to end it.

If Maine does say, hey...give us back your plate, they will replace it with one you pick that meets the standards and you won't have to pay for the change.


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