Last week, we were saddened to hear that New Hampshire's famous black bear, Mink, had been found dead in New Hampshire, and her three cubs were missing. Some good news has come from this tragic event. According to the Portland Press Herald, one of the cubs has been captured. The 8-month-old male cub was reportedly caught by New Hampshire’s Fish and Game Department around the area of Route 10 in West Lebanon.

The baby bear was taken to the Kilham Bear Center in Lyme, where he will stay and be cared for this winter, as per the Press Herald. The article says he will be released in the spring. The other two cubs are still missing; however, witnesses have reported seeing them around Route 120 near the Hanover-Lebanon line. Hopefully, they are safe. Authorities want to capture them as well, and take them to the same facility as their brother.

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