There's nothing that tests the mind like a good old fashioned mystery. A chance to scan the evidence, search deeper for facts and that come to a conclusion is something so many people find incredibly satisfying. If you're one of those people, you don't have to look very far for the latest mystery in Maine. It comes from a dashcam in Falmouth, where a driver on a dark road thought for sure a deer had darted in front of their car but after reviewing the footage, they're left with more questions than answers.

Shared on Facebook by 207 Paranormal, there really isn't much doubt that SOMETHING passes in front of the vehicle, the question is what? Several commenters on the post believed it to be a fisher cat based on speed and the shadowy shape, while others weren't quite as convinced. The video above shows the footage in real time as well as slow motion, with the mystery seemingly growing with every view.

Of course, with this being shared by 207 Paranormal, there's the obvious element that some people believe this wasn't a living creature at all but instead an entity. There's a certain leap you need to make to get there, but if you're someone who believes, then this dashcam footage could be ripped straight out of a horror movie b-roll.

We may never actually know what this shadowy figure is that crossed in front of a vehicle in Falmouth. But as Mulder and Scully have always told us, "the truth is out there".

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