Until my trip to Nova Scotia aboard The CAT Ferry, I had never seen a blue lobster up close before. Our tour guide Calvin d'Entremont is a lobster and crab fisherman. He took us to Dennis Point Wharf, where we got to explore and experience the life of a commercial fisherman.

After the tour, we learned how to splice rope and haul a lobster trap. Inside the trap was a big, blue lobster! Calvin told us blue lobsters are very rare and a sign of good luck for fisherman. He also explained the differences between males and females, which made us giggle like little girls. Then, he allowed us to come closer and inspect the lobster.

Wait a minute! Why is there a rubber band around the critter, if Calvin had just caught it?

The joke is on us! Calvin put the blue lobster in the trap before we arrived. He keeps it in there for educational purposes.

(Photo By Nikki Cruz/TSMG)
(Calvin d'Entremont - Tour Guide)