Opinion Piece By Nikki Cruz

North Dakota politicians Bernie Satrom and Vernon Laning, both Republicans, seem to agree that women should spend Sunday mornings at home making breakfast for their husbands and bringing it to them in bed. After all, their wives are spending the other six and a half days spending their money, according to Representative Laning. "His wallet needs a day off."

My jaw dropped when I watched the video. I couldn't believe my ears.

Why are these sexist pigs still in office? Their ideas are antiquated and out of touch with the real world, where most women don't have unlimited access to their rich husband's bank accounts to shop six and a half days a week. If these two idiots could get outside of their 1940's bubble and step into 2017, they'd be surprised to find an America where both husbands and wives work in order to support the family. And sometimes there is no husband... just a hard-working single mother saving every penny to make ends meet. If she has money left over after paying the bills, she'll most likely spend the rest on her kids to make sure they have what they want. The bored stay-at-home trophy wife with a Barclays Visa Black credit card doesn't exist in middle America.

When confronted about their degrading comments, Laning laughed and told a Valley News Live reporter that the people who are taking them seriously don't have a sense of humor.

It's time for these two relics to retire.

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