While it's true that many things are difficult to find, such as flour, sugar, eggs, canned goods, and paper products, grocery stores still have plenty of food, according to the Portland Press Herald. In the article, the Herald reports that some of the basic essentials listed above "are likely to remain in short supply for months" because the demand is much greater than the supply.

However, there's no shortage of food, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy products and bread as per the Press Herald. To provide further proof, I have been to three different supermarkets in the last month, and I saw with my own eyes that there is plenty of food.

With all the misinformation about COVID-19, it's easy to understand and even relate to certain people who are hoarding toilet paper and flour, of all things. After all, it may give them a sense of security. But, there is no need to buy all the tp and canned goods you can find. Save some for others who need it more than you do. This pandemic will eventually be over, and balance will be restored.

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