Going to concerts is something people are very passionate about. This statement can be evidenced by the nearly 400 people who responded to a question about first concerts on HOM's Facebook page. As you can see from the respondents and their diverse genres of music, hearing live music is enjoyed by every generation. It is one of the few things in life of which people can agree and respect each other's tastes.

My first concert was Ted Nugent when I was six or seven. Yes, seriously… THE Motor City Madman! If you are asking, "Who in her right mind would take a young child to a Ted Nugent concert?" Well, my cousin would. She was often involuntarily stuck with me during the year I lived with my aunt. The last thing she probably wanted to do is babysit me. My cousin was in her late teens and wanted to hang out with her friends (like most kids her age). Can you blame her?

I often joke that seeing a Nugent concert at such an early age explains everything that is wrong with me. Imagine how that political loud-mouth, "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" rocker must have warped my impressionable mind. In truth, it just might be one of the many reasons why I love music as much as I do -- all genres of music. So thank you, cuz… and Mr. Nuge… I may owe my career to you both.

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