With all the bad stuff in the world, here's a feel good story that will make your day!

According to a story from WMUR, a Saint Bernard named Fudge fell down an embankment in Thornton and was unable to get back up.  Thank goodness for the Campton-Thornton Fire and Rescue who was able to hoist the dog up onto a stretcher and back to safety. He was returned unharmed to his home.

St. Bernard's are HUGE dogs! According to Wikipedia, this breed can get up to 260 pounds. I love a big dog. I grew up with a German Shepherd and they are an incredible breed, as well. I mean, look at this video -- Who could resist?

When I retire, I'm going to get at least one dog, maybe two. At first, I was thinking of two German Shepherds; but now, I am in love with the face of the St. Bernard.