While we are all 'oohs and ahhs' watching the leaves the starting to change, consider how they might be responding to the current conditions.

The splashes of color that we witness in Northern New England this time of year can be absolutely breathtaking for sure.

However, have you ever thought that maybe it's possible the autumn leaves themselves feel differently about the annual demise of their kind?

After all, they're watching their friends go from green to red, and then falling to their end.

New Hampshire humorist Fred Marple and company did a great sketch on stage last year. The troupe acts out What Leaves Are Thinking, when late September and early October comes around again.

This is the story of Nightmare On Elm Tree.

If you're a fan of Prairie Home Companion, you'll probably enjoy this too. They bring that old time radio play vibe. It's wonderfully imaginative and very witty.

You might remember a few years back when we first featured Fred's work. It was a hilarious infomercial parody promoting the Yoga for Yankees exercise DVD.

We've become big fans of this fella from 'Frost Heaves' and his talented crew ever since. Fred's stuff is always wicked funny and clean 'humah' for the whole family.

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