I love these self-order kiosks at McDonald's. I experienced one for the first time at the airport in Spain and whoa, what a game changer.

I was convinced by the pretty picture to add a dessert to my order. No regrets, that chocolate sundae was everything I dreamed it would be.

The McDonald’s in Newington is now the third new and improved McDonald's store in New Hampshire.

First was Salem, then Manchester, and now the location on Gosling Road, in Newington, and according to Fosters, the Newington location reopened Saturday, Oct. 19.

The staff was eager to show off the changes and new dining room.

The revamped store now has self-serving kiosks that offer two languages, English and Spanish, the news article stated, and the menu items have pictures, prices and calorie content (which sometimes I would rather not see).

The Gosling Road location also has table service which I've never seen at any McDonald's location! (see what I mean? FANCY!)

According to the article, when customers order they receive a table number with a built-in chip that tells the employees where to deliver the meal.

If you order on the kiosk from now until Nov. 2nd you could receive your choice of one free ice cream cone, a baked pie, or a chocolate chip cookie.

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