Friday The 13th

There are many fears surrounding Friday the 13th with varying superstitions depending on the person. Are you someone who is nervous stepping out of bed just because of the date on the calendar? Do you avoid social gatherings or decision-making because the 13th falls on a Friday?

Friday the 13th is a day to avoid black cats and broken mirrors; I, on the other hand, walk into the day with a bit of excitement, as my grandfather always declared these days his luckiest.

It’s all subjective, really.

Uncovering America’s Unluckiest States

Is your luck dependent on the day or the state that you’re living in?

According to a report conducted by Top US Casinos, West Virginia and Mississippi are America’s unluckiest states to live in based on multiple variables. While the report focused on the states with the least amount of luck and fortune, the results showed that New Hampshire is among the luckiest states to live in in the country, coming in at #10 for luckiness.

The report weighed metrics surrounding luck, including lightning fatalities, Powerball and Mega Millions winners, disaster declarations, accident mortality, life expectancy, divorce rate, and more.

As the report explains, each state was assigned a weighted score out of 100 and the luckiest state in the United States is surprisingly New York, coming in at the top with the lowest divorce rates and highest lottery wins.

As for us Mainers, we ranked in at #21 for the unluckiest states, so maybe stay indoors tomorrow during the 13th and hold off buying a lottery ticket until we’re out of Mercury Retrograde.

But, our neighbors in New Hampshire can enjoy a stress-free, fear-free day knowing they are living in one of the luckiest states in the country.

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