Remember the New Hampshire pastor who found a Bible verse to predict the New England Patriots were going to win the Super Bowl in 2019? Well, Ernie Madden was right…. The Pats did win.

Madden is the pastor at Ashland Community Church in Ashland. He has been in Ashland with his wife Debra for approximately 9 years.

Pastor Madden is not only an avid football enthusiast; but he also enjoys singing, especially when he has something important to sing about. The coronavirus pandemic is on top of most everyone's minds, right now. With it comes anxiety and concerns about pretty much everything. Madden knows that one of the best ways to deal with stress is through humor. Watch him belt out a parody of a very popular Garth Brooks tune called “Friends In Low Places.” However, instead of low places, it's “Friends With Covered Faces.”

Here's another video of Paster Madden rehearsing his parody:

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