AJ and I asked our listeners about celebrity encounters during our popular "You Tell Us" segment. AJ got to meet Ed Sheeran at a "meet and greet" during a concert last year. He also had dinner with Mariah Carey 16 years ago. She turned out to be very nice and not at all how the media portrays her. The closest I've ever gotten to Mariah (who I worship) is from the third row of one of her concerts.

I have met a few celebrities during my long radio career. Most of them are singers or musicians. I once ran into Britney Spears at the airport in Las Vegas. She was standing right next to me while I was looking for a magazine to read. I don't normally become star-struck; however, I was with Britney. I never even said a word to her.

I also met Bret Michaels when I was very young. That's us in the picture above. We look cute together, don't we?

Our listeners have met some very famous people. Click on the picture below to see the responses:

If you didn't get a chance to weigh in, let us know about your celebrity encounter in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.

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