New England Patriots star linebacker Chase Winovich has seen and accomplished a lot in his 25 years already. He was a standout for Thomas Jefferson High School in Pennsylvania before moving on to the University of Michigan where he has an equally decorated collegiate career before being drafted by the Patriots. While playing for the Patriots, he's traveled coast-to-coast to take on the league. A lot of accolades and a lot of miles. But if you believe Chase Winovich's Twitter feed, he may have just discovered that Portsmouth, New Hampshire exists despite playing in New England for two years.

Winovich Tweeted on Wednesday that "New Hampshire is so cool" before following up an hour later by declaring "Portsmouth is randomly the coolest city in the world". Welcome to the party, Chase. There's no denying that Foxborough is a little off the beaten path from the trendy and ever-growing cities along the coast like Portsmouth and Portland, Maine. While it stings that the Patriots missed the playoffs this year, it appears its given at least one of their star players a chance to explore the area his fanbase calls home.

So where did Winovich visit in Portsmouth that has blown his mind? Good question. His social media feeds are devoid of any pictures from his recent discovering of Portsmouth as of right now, local businesses or residents don't seem to be sharing any photos they make have taken with the Patriots star.

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One thing is clear, Winovich is having a good time. Remember Chase, there's a whole lot more of New England to explore.

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