Fuel companies across New England are struggling to keep up with deliveries, ahead of this second arctic front that is now hitting the area after a confirmed blizzard on Thursday, according to WMTW. This is particularly bad and potentially dangerous for people who don't have generators and rely on oil and propane to heat their homes.

Some people report that deliveries are not showing up on the scheduled day. As a result, they are going to the company and standing in long lines, so they will have the much-needed fuel for this weekend's bitter cold weather.

Another worrisome issue is when big weather events such as Thursday's blizzard knock out power. People who have generators need fuel to run them.

There's also the fear that companies will completely run out of oil and propane, according to WMTW. This is a major concern, because this weekend's forecast is calling for overnight temperatures to plummet double digits below freezing.

WMTW was able to get in touch with one local oil company whose representative said the company was overwhelmed with the demand for product and that its drivers were working overtime to deliver oil and propane gas to its customers.

Let's hope these people get their fuel in time to stay warm this weekend.

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