Talk about good timing!

A nine-year-old girl who lives near Boston, Massachusetts learned the Heimlich maneuver the day before her best friend needed someone to save her when she started choking on a hot dog at lunch at the Marguerite Peaslee Elementary School. This according to CBS Boston. Shailyn Ryan's parents signed her up for a program called Home Alone Safety where she reportedly learned CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. The news agency reports that she took the course on Tuesday, April 30th; and then, she saved her friend Keira’s life on Wednesday, May 1st.

Shailyn told CBS Boston she wasn't even nervous when she saw Keira's face turn red, because she knew what to do. Smart girl!

The lesson to be learned here is that more kids should sign up for CPR courses. You just never know when these skills will come in handy.

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