Fans of the Super Great Wall buffet located at Mall Side Plaza in South Portland have been through a lot of disappointment with their favorite buffet over the years. The popular restaurant had its problems over the years, including a labor lawsuit in 2009 and a long closure and reopening in 2019 under new management which didn't last long before closing again, permanently.

Now some buzz has started in southern Maine as a new sign has gone up at the former Super Great Wall, touting a new buffet coming soon to the location called the "Flamming Grill Modern Buffet."

Courtesy Colt Busch
Courtesy Colt Busch

Not a lot is known about Flaming Grill. Doing a little Google research, I've found that there are 14 buffets named Flaming Grill on the East Coast mostly in New York state. The closest locations to Maine are in Malden, Roslindale and Revere, Massachusetts.

They all have slight variations on their names and their logos. Flaming Grill and Buffet, Flamming Grill Supreme Buffet, and Flamming Grill Modern Buffet. I'm not quite sure what makes a buffet and a "modern" buffet, but I'm definitely interested in finding out.

If these restaurants are connected in any way, the description on the website of the Flaming Grill and Modern Buffet in East Hanover, New Jersey might give you an idea of what to expect:

A unique modern cuisine offering different best tasting and healthy food that will satisfy your craving. Flaming Grill and Modern Buffet is dining as its finest that totally delectable, presented by flourish fine hospitality that ensure fun dining experience. Our talented Chef focuses on sourcing only the most pristine and high-quality ingredients created a fresh and flavorful innovative ideas on the menu, dishes that serve warm and convivial that truly unforgettable and keep you from coming back. A wide menu selection inspired by serving hearty, simple, delicious foods, and most refined creation with extra element influence to result mélange of flavors.

The typos and grammar errors above are as they were found on the website.

The windows are still covered at the old Super Great Wall, so we can only assume we'll see some sort of construction activity there soon. It shouldn't take much since the business was already set up as a buffet. Maybe just some cleaning and modernization to justify the "modern" in its name.

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