Bug Light Park is my go-to spot in the area to relax. Here's why.

Ever since I move here to the Portland area, I've discovered some great places to take my girls, and to take my dog. But there's one place that I always go back to that for me beats them all - Bug Light Park.

It was one of the first places that I hit around the time I decided to make this our new home. The view of the water is breathtaking. The view of the city is equally impressive. There's a huge grassy field, perfect for flying a kite. We tried that once, but it didn't go so well...I think we need a better kite!

Also, there are lots of great events happening there all throughout the summer, and still several more left as we head into the fall.

Not only is it a great place to bring the kids and the dog, it's also a great place to get some "me" time.

Bug Light Park is just one of the many reasons I love Maine!


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