Bad weather sucks but bad customer service can definitely make the night worse. The other night, it was raining like crazy. Heavy winds plus the rain caused my power to go out right around dinner time. Of course, I tried to wait it out a bit, but I was getting hungry.

I did what most people would do when they are hungry and unable to cook at home, I decided to go out and grab something to eat. I got in my car and proceeded to drive up the road, when I only was a couple of blocks away from my house all the power came back, and honestly I wish I took that as a sign to turn back and go home.

I decided to go to my local pizza place, but I was not expecting to witness what happened when I got there.

I walked in and no one was at the register. There were however two workers chit-chatting and giggling away. Now, I have accidently gone to this pizza place close to the closing time before (which is something I try to never do), so since nothing was out I assumed they were closing soon. I walked up to the workers and asked if they were closing soon, to which I got no response, they just kept talking about whatever it was that they were talking about.

So, since I didn't get my answer and did not want to be rude, I walked back outside to look at the hours that were posted on the door and saw that I still had an hour and a half until they closed.

I honestly should have taken that as a second sign to leave, but I went back inside and stood there until another worker came up to the register and took my order.

As I stood there waiting for my food to be done, I noticed one of the workers that were chit-chatting earlier complaining, and to make it worse they kept coughing. They talked about how sick they have been and that they will most likely leave early for their next shift.

Now when I say they were coughing, I mean they were practically coughing up a lung, this was not a one-time cough. To make it even worse, they were handling some of the food, coughed towards pizza toppings, did not have a mask on, and did not have gloves on.

I'm sorry, but if you are that sick you should probably think about calling in or just saying that you have to leave early. If you know that you have been sick for days and are not getting better, is it really a smart idea to be handling other people's food?

The coughing and complaining did not seem to stop and it looked like the manager was not going to send this worker home. This really leads me to question if I would go back to this pizza place.

Why risk my health for some food? I literally sat there watching my food to make sure that the sick worker did not come anywhere close to it. Not that I want to be rude in any way, but I defiantly would have turned down my food if someone sick was handling it.

I get that people get sick, trust me, I get sick often but I take precautions to make sure that I am not spreading any possible germs. That did not seem to be the case here.

Food workers, please do not go to work if you are not feeling well you risk getting other workers and your customers sick and honestly, if they heard and saw what I did, then they may choose to not go back there again.

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