We've already got a lot going for us but this just levelled our state up. Pizza is an iconic food staple that has been practiced to perfection and served for decades. The world is full of different ways to make a pie and in my opinion, they're all delicious, but Maine has stood out in the Pizza world.

We have been voted to have 2 of Maine's best Pizzas in the entire United States. I call that a pie win.

I don't think there is one person on this entire planet that doesn't have a story or memory (good or bad) that doesn't have to do with pizza.

The first bite of an unforgettable pie has been bringing the families of the world together for years and years. So we're bound to vote on which tastes the best.

Fortunately for Maine, there's not just one, but two restaurants that made this specific list both from one city from the Daily Meal. 

This list is, The 101 Best Pizzas in America.

The question is what was the method to uncovering the top 101 Pizza Spots in America? The list highlights locally so even thought we love our Pizza Hut, Domino's and Little Caesars, this list is geared more towards locally run and owned shops. They also made sure that include equality in business ownership. That means that they focused on all pizzerias from all over the country owner by all people, female, male, and black-owned businesses.

But how do you find over a 100 pizza places in America? Social media, duh!

 To find them, we used internal expertise, scoured Yelp and other review sites, looked at coverage by local journalists and gathered suggestions from readers.

The Daily Meal

Let's get to the taste test and how the pies were examined to make said list.

They looked for the high standard that we as American pizza eaters expect for our pizza to have like a distinct and quality pie, unforgettable sauce, cheesed to perfection, with the perfect crispy yet soft dough ratio. Along with a honorable sum of grease. This also includes your traditional cheese pizza and the more unique pizzas with visionary toppings.

It is evident by the two Maine restaurants from Maine featured on this list that Portland produces extremely good pies! Yup, both spots are from Portland and both are Sicilian made slab pies! Yum!
Coming in hot at #90 is Portland's very own Micucci's Grocery. Located on 45 India Street in Portland, Maine, Micucci's is beloved. It is also Maine's only Italian Specialty Food Store. Micucci's is local and family owned. Owners Rick and Anna Micucci have been serving their loyal patrons since 1949. I can see why they were voted into the list simply based on the photos from their Facebook. My mouth is watering already.

The Daily Meal says, 

Micucci Grocery is an Italian grocery store in Portland, Maine, famous for its thick and fluffy Sicilian slab pizza. On each, expect a 50-50 mix of Wisconsin provolone and mozzarella paired with fresh tomato sauce.

Micucci's Grocery via Facebook
Micucci's Grocery via Facebook

The crust on this pie is calling my name.

The next honored spot that made the list at #86 is Slab Sicilian Street Food, also in Portland Maine! They are located on 25 Preble Street and our very proud to say on their Facebook page that they serve street food & beer and love pizza! You can tell by the artistry in their pie creations that they are extremely talented.

Slab Sicilian Street Food via Facebook Page
Slab Sicilian Street Food via Facebook Page

I can picture myself biting into this pie and tasting the flavors of love. They take a slab seriously too. According to the article, 

You can get a 4-pound half slab or 8-pound full-size slab too. Creative flavors include spicy meat with red pepper sauce, pepperoni, pepperoncini, mozzarella, provolone and blue cheese; and tomato pesto with tomato sauce, pesto, roasted tomatoes, garlic, tapioca cheese and oregano.

I know where my next meal will be and that is getting "slabbed" by both of these amazing restaurants in Portland that have been highlighted on this list and have become popularly sought after!

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