Now, I do not mean to gross you out in this article but be warned, you may be a bit disturbed. I also need to start off by saying that I do not always cook salmon the way I will describe below, so try not to attack me for it.

You may be wondering to yourself "what is she doing to salmon that could be considered disturbing?" Well, you can thank one of my exes for teaching me how to make salmon an "easy" way. Yes, I know that salmon is not hard to cook and that it doesn't take long either, but I do not always want to deal with cooking on the stove.

The "easy" trick that I was taught to cook salmon is to first season your salmon like you normally would. Then put it on a plate with a paper towel on top (or a paper plate). The next step is something that you do not want to hear, you put your plate with the salmon in the microwave.

That's right, I occasionally microwave my salmon. It only takes two minutes in the microwave, and honestly is some of the best salmon that I've ever had. Are you grossed out yet?

If you are not that grossed out (or even if you are) there are some that choose to try cooking salmon in a matter that is more disturbing than making it in the microwave.

If you are on TikTok, then you may have discovered a way that people are cooking and eating fish. I am talking about people making fish in their dishwashers.

Yup, this is real, people are cooking fish in a dishwasher. Makes my microwave salmon look pretty good, doesn't it? Don't worry, here's someone else trying dishwasher fish.

Hey, at least my ex did not teach me about this hack. Now, I know we are in New England and there are some amazing places to eat fish. All I can say is if you want to try a new way to cook salmon at home, I would maybe try it my way in the microwave before putting your fish in the dishwasher.

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