If you're a fan of the Red Sox, this may sting a little. In fact, find some onions to cut.

Some didn't think ownership was really going to let it happen. Others hoped issues holding up the trade would bring him back, but it's a cruel reality. Mookie Betts is now a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers. People are already heaping praise on the team, and some have already resigned themselves to the fact LA will be 2020 World Series Champions. Red Sox fans need time to heal, and that process had just started.

Then, Mookie dropped a video Monday Morning which ripped open a still fresh wound.

All told, it was a classy move. A way to recognize his past, thank the fans, and bridge into his (gulp) new situation. He thanked Boston for nine years as a star member of the Boston Red Sox. "You were great to me Boston," Betts says in the video. "The way you welcomed me in like family." He helped make Boston a World Champion in 2018, and also nodded to "a banner that will hang forever."

If you're a Sox fan, you might just want to stop right there.

The video concludes with "from one title town to another, Los Angeles, it's showtime."




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