The story of a missing Maine man drew the attention of several local media outlets this week. Jeremy Wayne Thompson last seen dropping his daughter off at daycare, on February 12th before disappearing for nine days. Television, radio, newspapers, and the internet all published the news about his disappearance, asking for the public's help in locating him. On Thursday, Jeremy walked into the Mechanic Falls Police Department, nine days after he was last seen. He told police that he needed a few days to clear his head. Now first and foremost, I think that we're all glad that Jeremy was found safe and unharmed. Some people might be wondering why he would mysteriously disappear for that long, abandoning all responsibility, with no contact with his friends or family. I certainly don't want to pass judgement without knowing him, or the circumstances that led to this. I know that I've been stressed out enough several times to the point where it would seem like a good idea to do the same thing...and I'm sure many other people have too. Again, I'm just glad to hear he's ok, and that whatever he needed to clear his head from is resolved!

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