It may be hard to spell, but it’s lovely to visit. That’s the word from the cable news pioneers on our own Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The town was recently named to a list of 15 best small towns or cities by CNN. In fact, the home of the legendary annual Greasy Pole Contest was the only New England location included.

Said CNN:

“Founded shortly after the first Pilgrims stepped onto Plymouth Rock, this bustling seaport on Cape Ann is famed in modern times as the home base for the “Wicked Tuna” fleet and setting of many films including “The Perfect Storm.”

Every visit to Gloucester should include fresh-off-the-boat seafood, a stop to explore the Rocky Neck art colony and a promenade along the Western Harbor all the way out to Stage Fort Park. Between whale watching and schooner tours, there are plenty of ways to get out on the water.”

A super-nice blurb about a wonderful place. A couple of things, though:

First of all, how did we get from Plymouth Rock (which you should think twice about visiting) all the way up to the North Shore? Also, is it really ideal to romanticize The Perfect Storm if you’ve, you know, seen the movie?

Still, a nice mention for a town that was once most famous for its alleged sea monster, the Gloucester Sea Serpent. And while other New England states were shut out on this particular list, New Hampshire recently got a shoutout for a famous boardwalk, and a Maine destination made a list of 25 most beautiful landmarks in the U.S.

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