It took 8 months and a lot of dedicated pros, to finally rescue a red fox on Long Island, Maine that had its head stuck in a crab vent.

Maine Wildlife Transport, Wilderness Miracles, Saco River Wildlife Center and the Long Island Community banded together to try to rescue the female red fox that was spotted with the crab vent tightly around its neck back in the spring. They made multiple trips to the island trying to find the fox which is not an easy task when they need to cover an island that is 33.5 square miles in size.

In case you're wondering, a crab vent is a small hole in a trap that let's lobster and crabs that are too small to be harvested, escape. This fox likely was curious and snooping around a trap somewhere on the island and got stuck, pulling the entire escape off of the trap and had been living with it for 8 months.

Diligence and patience paid off and the fox was eventually captured and transported to the mainland to have the crab vent removed at the Saco River Wildlife Center.

They named the fox Violet and she amazingly had no health issues.

She was then transported home where she was released and very happy to have the crab vent off her neck.

Congrats to everyone involved in the effort to save this fox. The dedication and perseverance level here is extraordinary, but that is what Mainers do. Band together for a good cause and not stop until the goal is reached. Well done!

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