Look, I get it, tensions are high. We're riding a wild 2nd wave of the coronavirus and it's easy to see a vehicle with out of state plates and instantly get ragey.

I know what you're thinking, "How dare they vacation here when we have our own problems! Bringing the virus from the city. How inconsiderate!"

The thing is, an out of state plate isn't a one size fits all situation. Some folks, like vwturbo on Reddit, drive a company vehicle and work out of state.

Poor guy/gal opened up that they work in northeastern Massachusetts with Massachusetts plates and while getting gas here at home in Maine people yelled at them to "go home" and this wasn't a first-time occurrence.

So, please, don't make vwturbo feel forced to be the next "Fran from Bethel." Be nice, you likely never know the whole story.

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