There were lots of kids in Maine who woke up on Monday morning rather disappointed that school was in session and there wasn't a snow day to celebrate.

Those who suffered from a Monday letdown likely won't have the same fate on Tuesday.

That's because this incredibly bizarre storm is packing a punch as it rolls through Maine for round two, and this time, it's going to leave behind a ton of snow.

Almost all forecast models are in agreement that from Monday night through the day Tuesday, most of Maine is going to see significant snowfall. Most of southern, central and eastern Maine will all see an additional 5-8 inches on top of what is already on the ground.

The snow bands for this second round will be heavier than the first, making traveling, specifically the Tuesday morning commute, far more tricky.

That also means that for many Maine communities tomorrow, school may not be in session.

Tropical Tidbits
Tropical Tidbits

In some ways, this storm is the opposite of what Maine normally sees. Northern Maine and the mountains are not going to see significant snowfall amounts, while the coast and southern Maine will be staring at totals between 10 inches and over a foot when the storm finally wraps up.


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