Do you know Mickey Moody Sr. or where he may be right now?

Maine State Police issued a Silver Alert for Mickey yesterday afternoon after he was last seen around 1:15p. It doesn't seem like Mickey is in trouble, based on what WGME CBS 13 News is reporting, but instead it seems like Mickey has a life-threatening medical condition.

Obviously, when it's something that serious and that severe, time is SUPER of the essence. Mickey could need medication that he's without, or some kind of medical attention he's not able to get since he's not where he's expected to be, and his life depends on it right now.

According to the description given by WGME CBS 13 News, Mickey is from Lagrange and was last seen driving a blue Hyundai Santa Fe with the Maine license plate "141XL." It sounds like he was hauling a utility trailer and was headed toward Orneville and Bradford.

If you see someone who looks like Mickey, just for comparison's sake so you know you're looking at either the right guy or perhaps the wrong one, Mickey is about 5'4" and around 160 pounds.

I don't need to tell you how insanely frigidly cold it started getting last night and continues to be today -- the temperature dropped something like 45 degrees from late yesterday afternoon to early this morning, and if you factor in the wind chill, it's bad news bears out there if you're not properly protected.

If you come across Mickey or know where he is, Maine State Police is asking you to call 911 or 207-973-3700, ext. 9. Remember, Mickey has a life-threatening condition so time is of the essence. Here's hoping Mickey is found safe and sound -- spread the word so we can ensure that he is.

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