Incredible footage of the Northern Lights visible all over New England this past weekend.

As predicted there were a couple of solar bursts late last week that can produce an Aurora Borealis AKA Northern Lights. It's usually hit or miss. This is what the call in the music business "a hit"

We were on our way home from a gig at Hobbs Tavern in West Ossippe around sunset Friday night. Sandra and I had been talking about this all week because of my endless pursuit of this natural occurrence.  Even Sandra threatened to go up to Acadia to see this amazing sight.

So street teamers Chelsea and Holly found a little spot on Route 160 in Parsonsfield and waited it out.  I finally saw my first Aurora.  It wasn't as colorful as the pictures you are seeing.  In fact, our cell phone photos weren't even worth posting.  Only seeing the Northern Lights in still photos, I was amazed at how the skyline is constantly moving and dancing.

We were in contact with our friends at the Mount Washington Observatory.  As you can see, they were getting a different show.  Weather observer Ryan Knapp called it "the best he's ever seen."  Some of these photos were actually shown on Saturday's NBC Nightly News.  Congrats to Ryan and all of our weather observer pals Kaitlyn, Mike, Caleb, Arielle, Roger, Andrew, AJ and of course Marty The Cat at the Obs for bringing this amazing footage to all of us.  Enjoy...




Mount Washington Obs

Apparently this is how you pregame for an Aurora. (Mike, Arielle Ryan and wanna be surfer Kaitlyn)  Love these guys!!


Ryan Knapp




Mount Washington Obs


Here's one from the Kancamagus Highway from one of our other favorite photographers Chris Georgia:


Chris Georgia


And of course our pal from The County, Paul Cyr checks in:


Paul Cyr


Paul Cyr

Did you snap any photos or videos of the Northern Lights in Maine and New Hampshire? Share them with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages with the hashtag #MENHNorthernLights.