All three northern New England states; Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont were in the top 10 for safest states in America. The crime, education and poverty rates were all taken into consideration.  How does your state rate?

According to 24/ 7Wall Street, New Hampshire came in at #6. Nearly 93% New Hampshire residents have a high school diplomas ... 2nd in the nation. The Granite state had the lowest poverty rate at 8.7%. Violent crimes dropped 7%.

Maine came in at #2 with a 14% poverty rate and 91.8% of adults have a high school diploma. reports, "There were just 69 incidents per 100,000 residents of aggravated assault reported last year in Maine, the lowest rate reviewed."

Vermont is considered #1 in the country for safest states! Violent crimes fell 19.2 %. The largest improvement in the U.S. 91.5% adults have high school diplomas and 36% a bachelor's degree.

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