Talk about your feel-good story of the day.

I think all of us can think of someone from our school days who made an impact on us aside from our regular teachers. Maybe it was an office administrator, the athletic director, a cafeteria worker, or the janitor.

Now imagine working somewhere for nearly 50 years and as you're closing in on retirement and you're well known as the "Most Important Person in the Building."

Lincoln County News reports that this is the reality for Wiscasset Middle High School Head Custodian, Jeffrey Speed.

Speed will be retiring from his custodial work after nearly 47 years with Wiscasset. Along with his "Most Important Person in the Building" title that was given to him early on in his career, is the honor of having the upper sports field being named after him.

I think that's something we all hope for in life, spend the days and the years doing what you love. It's clear Mr. Speed has had a deep love for the Wiscasset community for generations. Cheers to a long retirement filled with good health, lasting memories, and time with the ones who matter most.

Was there someone from your school years that meant a ton to you and you still remember to this day? Let us know via the app!

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