WMTW reports that the Maine Principals Association has released new guide lines for High School Sports to return.

First things first, there will be a COVID-19 Response Team formed to implement the new policies. According to the MPA, a team doctor, certified athletic trainer, administrator, school nurse and athletic director would possibly make up the response team.

Participating in school sports requires students to get a physical every two years. Those due to get one to play this year, but are unable to, will get a pass. Student athletes will get a one year extension on physicals, but all will be required to fill out a questionnaire about their health history as well as answer questions about their COVID-19 exposure.

The WGME article went on to say that if a student has tested positive for the virus, they must provide documentation from their doctor after a medical assessment before participating in a sports program. Kids who are at higher risk of developing severe COVID-19 are asked to meet with their doctors to make an informed decision before returning to high school sports.

  • Student athletes will ease back in during 3 phases and will also need to be screened for Coronavirus before each session.
  • Social distancing will happen whenever possible, masks will have to be worn when it's not and also while talking to others.
  • Everyone has to bring their own water and there will be no sharing. If you show up without water, you get sent home.
  • Athletes must shower at home after training and practices.
  • No sharing clothes.
  • Equipment will be sanitized after each use.
  • No spitting
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be set up.

Check out all the new guidelines and more information about the 3 phases at the Maine Principals Association website.

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