First responders don't get enough credit.

I mean it. Firefighters, paramedics, police officers, nurses, and more do not get enough appreciation.

Now, you maybe thinking, "yes they do," however, I would venture to guess that 90% of the phenomenal work first responders do goes unnoticed.

Not this story. I won't let it.

This story is out of Lewiston, Maine, where a firefighter went so far above and beyond that I had to highlight him.

The story starts with a car crash and a little girl, nameless and ageless, in the back seat. You can see the entire front end of the sedan is smashed. Wrecked, even.

Look at that car...just crunched.

Facebook via Lewiston Fire Department
Facebook via Lewiston Fire Department

In the first picture, shared by the Lewiston Fire Department, you can see the little girl is holding a stuffed animal bunny.

Put yourself in a child's shoes, say, between four and 10 years old. A car accident is devastating, scary, and perhaps scarring. I mean, first you're in a car wreck, then you have big men in loud, bright trucks rush in large uniforms to make sure you're safe.  That could easily feel just as overwhelming as the actual crash.

Fortunately, fireman Luc Gervais was on site and ready to help, and gave the little girl the stuffed bunny to help her feel better.  I don't know if he brought it from the station or his house, or if he bought it at the scene or what, but it's incredible.

It is a small act of kindness that represents first responders in New England, and all over the world.

The official city of Lewiston even recognized Gervais in a Facebook post.

Thank you to all of the first responders.  Thank you to those who show up when faced with danger and sickness.

And a special thank you to Luc Gervais and every other first responder who goes above and beyond for our communities.

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