I have always believed that paranormal activity is real. Throughout my years, I have seen some things, however, it was not until I moved to Maine that I started to deal with paranormal activity in my home.

What is even crazier about my situation, is that my apartment has never been lived in prior to me moving in. If you have not been keeping up with the ghost in my apartment, everything started off small, my camera caught what looked like orbs in my kitchen. More activity started to happen as time went on, one of my bathroom doors would shut and lock by itself and the dryer was found wide open.

After a few weeks of not seeing any paranormal activity, it seems the "ghost" did not just disappear. The other day, another orb was captured on video leaving my other bathroom. The camera caught this 6 minutes after I had left that same bathroom. It is important to note that this was at night and there are no lights in the bathroom or the hall that were on.

It really seems like the bathrooms are the new place for paranormal activity as both fans in the bathrooms randomly go on. To turn on the fans, you have to press a button, next to the light switch. It does not seem to matter if someone is in the bathroom or not nor what time of day it is, the fans just turn on.

It seems that this "ghost" does not want to be seen by the public anymore. I used to be able to post videos that my camera caught, however, ever since I started witnessing activity in the bathroom, the camera near there started to have issues with its SD card. I am able to see the footage on my phone but am unable to download any videos to share. Did the "ghost" become camera shy?

I have yet to have someone come and look at my apartment to see if they could sense anything. When this all started, I did go out and buy witch balls and sage (which obviously do not seem to be working).

I have no idea why the paranormal activity in my apartment had died down, nor why it is starting to pick back up (and in different locations around the apartment). Hopefully, I can get the SD card fixed soon.

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