You asked for it, so we're gifting it to you, because 'tis the season! WE ARE OFFICIALLY ALL CHRISTMAS THROUGH SUNDAY, DECEMBER 27!

You may be sitting there, listening to Holly Jolly Christmas, asking yourself -- "but 94.9 HOM, you usually don't start playing Christmas music until after Thanksgiving? It's only November 6 and we're not even a full week removed from Halloween? Why now?"

The answer is simple -- YOU.

The amount of phone calls, messages to our 94.9 HOM Mobile App, posts and messages to our Facebook page -- we've been FLOODED with questions asking when we're going to start playing Christmas music.

Look, 2020 has been a rollercoaster, and mostly the part of the coaster that's the first big drop that practically goes straight down after you take 2 minutes to slowly crank up to the top of it. We've been quarantined, we're in a pandemic, we just went through quite possibly the biggest election in the history of this country -- AND WE'RE EXHAUSTED FROM IT.

So we're pumping the positivity out. Pumping out the cheer. Pumping out the GOOD FEELS that you can't help but get around this time of year. (And for the love of candy canes and nutcrackers, we're trying to will the end of this year to come ASAP.)

From now until December 27, we are Maine and New Hampshire's Christmas Music Station -- and we're here for you. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays -- NOW LET'S START SPREADING THE HOLIDAY CHEER!

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