Maine and New Hampshire's Official Christmas Music Station is BACK!

You asked for it -- like, A LOT -- so we're gifting it to you, because 'tis the season! WE ARE OFFICIALLY ALL CHRISTMAS THROUGH SUNDAY, DECEMBER 26 AT 3AM!

We appreciate the patience, we really do. We've gotten countless phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, and texts into our FREE 94.9 HOM app that have equal parts asking when Christmas music is coming back, and also demanding that it comes back. Pretty much since the day after Halloween.

The answer to that? NOW.


Are you asking yourself, "But what took so long?"

Look, 2020 was an absolute rollercoaster dumpster fire. We were quarantined, the pandemic was still pretty fresh, we had to deal with election drama, and it was just all beyond exhausting. And while this year has had its ups and downs, we had to wait until the right time -- for the equivalent of when the red line would blow in Doc Brown's time machine-pushing train.

And that time is right now.

So we're pumping the positivity out. Pumping out the cheer. Pumping out the GOOD FEELS that you can't help but get around this time of year. (And for the love of candy canes and nutcrackers, we're trying to will the end of this year to come ASAP.)

From now until the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, December 26, we are Maine and New Hampshire's Christmas Music Station -- and we're here for you. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays -- NOW LET'S START SPREADING THE HOLIDAY CHEER!

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