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Billboard magazine has put out it's annual Money Makers List.  Who do you think is at the top?  Is your favorite at the top?You probably guessed correctly. That's right Taylor Swift is on the top of another list. She truly is one of the hardest working women in the music industry and she does have a few catchy songs. I had the chance to see her warm up for Brad Paisley at the Cumberland County Civic Center before she became a super star. She does put on a great show. Last year, the Queen of Pop, Madonna had the top slot.  She's not even in the top 40.  Looks like Princess Taylor reigns.

  • Taylor Swift, $39,699,575.60
  • Kenny Chesney, $32,956,240.70
  • Justin Timberlake, $31,463,297.03
  • Bon Jovi, $29,436,801.04
  • The Rolling Stones, $26,225,121.71
  • Beyonce, $24,429,176.86
  • Maroon 5, $22,284,754.07
  • Luke Bryan, $22,142,235.98
  • Pink, $20,072,072.32
  • Getty Images/ Andreas Rentz