A 1944 photo album was bought at a yard sale recently. The buyer would like to find the original family.

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It's quite the mystery with the only hints - the photos, the date of 1944 and a name...Martha.

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This was posted in Lyman in Facebook Marketplace It is free; they are not looking to sell it, just get the word out there.

I miss photo albums. It's was the only way to capture memories and preserve them. Now, people whip out their phones to show you their baby - but back 80 years ago, this was the only way to capture these memories.

Imagine, the baby in the above pictures would be about 77 years old right now. Back in 1944, the date they believe this photo album is from, 11 ounces of Kellog's Corn Flakes was .08. Yes...8 cents. And yes, Corn Flakes are that old!

Please help find the original family of this photo album!

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