Deep in the heart of Maine's largest county lies an absolute gem of a property. Aroostook County may not be known for luxury living, but this seven bedroom, seven bath lake house property begs to differ.

The house, located in the small town of Westmanland (population 59), boasts three separate living spaces, lakefront views and access, incredible land and hardscaping, radiant heat, an elevator and most of all...peace.

The property is over four hours from Bangor, nearly seven from Portland. The remoteness clearly doesn't make it for everyone. However, I guess if you are rich enough, you could always just take a short helicopter trip down the coast, but I digress...

If outdoors living is for you, then this is heaven. Located right on Madawaska and Little Madawaska Lakes, the area is ripe for fishing, hunting, snow mobiles, cross-country skiing, basically every outdoor activity you can think of.

A bonus is Canada is your neighbor. An entire nation is just a stone's throw away. The millionaires down in Cumberland and York County can't compete with that.

The lake house is listed at $1.5 million, which seems like a steal for all that is included. I would tend to think the location plays a bit of a role in keep the price down.

This is a tremendous find for anyone looking to upgrade their digs and their quality of life. Plus, you can basically be the richest person in like three quarters of the state. I mean, Aroostook County is huge.

For more information about the house, you can check out the selling agents website at Fields Realty.

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