Historic Maine Mansion in Bar Harbor

Resting in the hills and ocean views of Bar Harbor, an estate built in 1984 boasts historic charm and elegance. The property once belonged to Alexander Hamilton’s great-grandson and the history still sits within the charming walls.

The home recently sold for $2.95 million but is getting a major makeover and 2023 revamp. Two major parts of the home will stay the same but designers have been given permission to “go as extreme as they want in the design” for the makeover, according to Decor Maine.

Bar Harbor’s 2023 Designer Showhouse

As the article shares, the home is undergoing a major transformation and will be open to the public for tours from Sunday, July 30 through Saturday, August 19, 2023.

The 7-bedroom home will get a transformative makeover but keep the massive marble staircase and stunning dramatic chandelier in place.

The creative directors want the house to embrace the fantastical and are allowing the designers to go extreme with the design, which should create an incredibly interesting and beautiful tour for us to enjoy.

There have been times I’ve been tempted to go into open houses for sale just to walk around and see inside massive mansions I could never afford, so putting on a tour through a historic and beautiful home like this is an exciting event and something fun and different to do.

It’s kind of like going to an art gallery but the art is a home. With the designers being granted such creative freedom, it will be really cool to see what they do with their creativity.

Here are a few peaks of the home:

Take a Peak Inside a Historic Maine Mansion Before it Gets a Makeover

This majestic and historic Maine mansion used to belong to Alexander Hamilton's family and has just recently sold. It will be Bar Harbor's 2023 Designer Showhouse, allowing people to take tours inside after it gets remodeled.

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