You know how easy everything looks in the Gym and on the ‘Better You’ DVD. Then, reality and often gravity sets in, and well, it’s not quite what you’ve imagined.

Here is what I have learned from this video:

  • Being too fit make you do stupid things.
  • Exercise balls are bad to stand on…DUH!
  • Things that hang in doorways and beckon you to swing free have a tendency to let you down.
  • Really big weights + you versus gravity, guess who wins.
  • Giant rubber bands, if your not really that coordinated to start with, are a bad idea. (Note to self, wear a facemask.)
  • And looks like over a certain age elipticals just aren’t a great way to boost your self confidence anymore.
  • Plus, plus.

Give a look-see and I challenge you not to laugh.

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