When you hear a loud "Fore!" on a golf course, that's usually because a golfer behind you has crushed a ball and it might be coming for you. That tiny ball could leave a mark if you don't duck for cover. We're not sure what someone is supposed to yell on a golf course when landing gear from thousands of feet above is tumbling towards the ground but someone should come up with a warning word quick.

Shared on Facebook by the Gorham Police Department, the Gorham Country Club received a surprise on Wednesday night. It was the landing gear of a Piper Navajo twin-engine plane that had flown near the area that evening. Sometime during the takeoff, the landing gear detached from the plane and crashed to the ground on the fairway of 7th hole at the Gorham Country Club. As the Gorham Police Department states in their post, thankfully nobody was hurt on the course when the large object fell to the ground at high speeds.

But what about the plane? After all, it's difficult to land a plan without landing gear no matter how small or large it is. The Gorham Police Department was happy to report that the twin-engine plane landed safely on its belly in New York without incident. The plane took off from New York, had the landing gear problems occur over Portland, and flew back to New York to execute the landing. Given the circumstances, both situations could have turned out far worse than they did. Next time you hear "Fore!" on the course, make sure you look up too.

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