Apparently, PepsiCo got this idea after conducting a market research study which proved that women would be more likely to buy Doritos if they were less crunchy, made less of a cheese powdery mess, and were small enough to carry in their purse.

Well, ask and you shall receive, my dainty Dorito eating flowers.:

Releasing a version of Doritos that doesn't leave a powdery mess on your fingers is great. However, calling it "Lady Friendly" Doritos is just stupid. A guy could dislike having cheesy powder on his fingers just as much as a gal would. And, they might appreciate a smaller bag that they can carry around in their breifcase or man purse. It's 2018 and the days of snack segregation are OVER.

But that is just my two chips... I mean cents. I am curious to know what you think. Take our poll or leave a comment below.



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