Unfortunately, Portland's Mayor Ethan Strimling lost his Super Bowl bet with Mayor Lance Prator of Portland, Pennsylvania, because the Patriots lost to the Eagles. This means Strimling's perfect head of hair is on the line. Literally.

Two days ago on February 4th, Mayor Strimling posted this picture on Facebook with the caption: "So long, it's been good to know you." It sounds like he plans to follow through on the bet and shave off his beautiful hair. He also has to send a gift basket of Maine staples to Mayor Prator, according to WMTW. Lobster and Allen's Coffee Brandy, maybe?

Here are some of our favorite comments to Strimling's FB post:

Personally, I wish Mayor Strimling had left his gorgeous hair out of the bet. We shall see if he looks as good with a bald head... The hair supposedly gets shaved off on February 16th, according to the Press Herald. That is, if Strimling goes through with it. (Please don't!)

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