If there's been any silver linings to 2020 for the state of Maine, it's that Vacationland has suddenly become a hotspot for celebrity sightings. In just the last few weeks, Martha Stewart, Michael Cera, Chelsea Handler and Gordon Ramsay have all spent time in the Pine Tree State. Now, there's another celebrity to add to the list. That would be former Saturday Night Live cast member and current Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, who traveled all the way to Lubec for the sunrise at West Quoddy Head Light.

Shared on Instagram by Jimmy Fallon, in his short video, Jimmy said he decided to travel all the way to Lubec because it's the place where the first light hits the continental United States and right now, given everything that's going on the in world from pandemic to politics, everyone could use a little light.

Fallon reportedly was visiting Maine to see a friend and decided a trip to one of Maine's most iconic lighthouses may serve as a little inspiration for some. Unfortunately for Fallon, the weather in Maine didn't cooperate as he'd hoped. Eastern Maine is notoriously foggy this time of year, especially in the early morning hours. Sorry, Jimmy. May we invite you back next summer when Vacationland is cranking again the weather is nothing but perfect?

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