In New Hampshire, there are only three of these popular markets, and in Maine, there are only two.  Rhode Island has two stores, Vermont has only one, and Connecticut has 10. Massachusetts has the most with 16.

Which supermarket are we talking about?  Trader Joe's, one of America's most loved markets.

According to, bananas are by far the most popular fruit at Trader Joe's across the country. There are two reasons for the popularity.  First, Trader Joe's does not sell bananas by the pound like most other markets.  The chain sells them individually, which makes it far better for small families or a household of one.

Secondly, Trader Joe's has kept the price of a single banana at 19 cents a piece for the past 20 years.  They're known for their fresh and single bananas, as well as the low price.  However, that has now changed. Joe's via Facebook Joe's via Facebook

The well-liked market says the price of bananas (yes, even bananas) has gone up, so they've raised the price of a single banana to 23 cents.  It's only a four-cent increase, but if you look at it in percentages, it's a 21% increase, which is a whole lot.

A spokesperson tells CNN that the change was necessary.

If you compare the new price of bananas to Walmart's price, it's about the same, according to But Walmart does not sell them as individually-priced, but by the pound. There are about three or four bananas per pound.

If you want organic bananas, that will cost you more.  Individual organic bananas at Trader Joe's are now 29 cents each.   Personal experience has taught me the cheapest isn't always the best, but when it comes to bananas, it all depends on if you need them by the pound or by the banana.  The choice is yours.

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