K-9 Officers play an incredibly important role in keeping our communities safe. They use their heightened senses to chase down criminals or bust drug dealers. Some departments use their K-9s as therapy dogs to improve child welfare and mental health in the community. K-9s offer a multitude of benefits to any police force, and some are formally sworn in as police officers. When a K-9 officer passes away, the police department, especially their handler, feels like they lost a member of their family.

Sadly, the community of Freeport, Maine, is dealing with this kind of a loss. They recently took to their social media to announce the passing of their sweet K-9 Cassie, who crossed over the rainbow bridge at the age of 13.

Freeport Maine Police Department via Facebook, Canva
Freeport Maine Police Department via Facebook, Canva

The post went on to explain that Cassie lived almost her entire life serving the citizens and visitors of Freeport. She held many certifications in Obedience, Agility, Evidence Recovery, Tracking, Building Searches, and Criminal Apprehension.

She spent her days helping find lost children, the elderly, those who were lost, and a great number of individuals who didn’t want to be found. She was sweet and gentle during her visits to local schools and demonstrations, to the many officers she worked with in Freeport, and in the surrounding Southern Maine region.

She and her handler, Sgt. Matthew Moorhouse, helped assist many neighboring agencies over the years. Cassie’s hard work and keen sense of smell were famous to all who needed her help. She was Freeport’s first K-9, and she and Sgt. Moorhouse set the bar extremely high. The post went on to thank Cassie for all she sacrificed and did for the people of Freeport. May she rest in peace.

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