If you've visited the Maine Mall in South Portland recently, you likely encountered a strange sight. The longtime Starbucks location in the JC Penney wing of the mall has officially shuddered operations, leaving behind a single note for confused customers.

In the note, both the store and district manager state:

"...it has been a great pleasure to connect with you every day. We are very thankful to have played a role in your daily routine and that you have shared these moments of your life with us"

The note goes on by stating that Starbucks hopes you'll visit them at other nearby locations. But it's some of those nearby locations that may have led to the Maine Mall store permanently closing.

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Townsquare Media

The Maine Mall area has been littered with Starbucks locations over the last five to 10 years. In the Target plaza, there were two Starbucks locations within a quarter mile of one another. One was inside the Target store, and the other was next to GameStop.

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There's also a Starbucks location along Maine Mall Road near Chipotle and CarMax. Add in another new location planned for the Marden's plaza just down the road, and you've got a whole lot of Starbucks in a two-mile radius of one another.



Whether that led to the decision to close the Maine Mall location or not is unclear. What does seem clear is that Starbucks departure from the Maine Mall leaves a prime vacancy for another purveyor of coffee to step in.

Don't be surprised to see Dunkin' or Aroma Joe's seize the opportunity by opening inside the mall very soon.


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