It's almost that time again. That time where there is a constant stream of political talk and political commercials. You simply can't avoid hearing about the upcoming presidential election.

Maine is especially unique in the presidential election system. The state is one of only two that is allowed to divide their two electoral college votes if they see fit, which was the case during the last presidential election cycle.


So as Maine gears up to hit the ballot box on Tuesday, November 5, Road Snacks decided to do a little digging into the past. Specifically, how cities in Maine have historically voted and whether or not they could be deemed conservative or liberal cities.

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Google Maps

Based on results from the last several presidential elections, Presque Isle was named Maine's most conservative city. Voters in Presque Isle have been consistent in voting for Republican presidential candidates over the past couple decades, and there's little to suggest they won't do the same in 2024.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Road Snacks didn't stop at Presque Isle, though. They named the top 10 most conservative cities in Maine. Those results may yield some surprises.

Caribou ranked as the second most conservative city in Maine. It was the only other place in Aroostook County that fit the "city" criteria Road Snacks used.


Brewer ranked as the third most conservative city in Maine, with Bangor ranking number four. This may come as a bit of surprise for some, as both cities voting habits have been slowly shifting in the last decade. Road Snacks maintains they are staunchly conservative.

The remainder of the top 10 looks like this:

6. Auburn

7. Lewiston

8. Waterville

9. Augusta

10. Gardiner

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